Press Review

Tablets of Chanteroels
De l’image des mots à l’e-mage des sons

From image of words to “e-mage” of sound

Child’s play (No 238, March – April 2004)

The Smileys 😀 (laugh), :-7 (forced laugh), :-* (kisses!), :-X (mum’s the word), 😛 (talkative) (we can see your tongue), :’( (a tear).

Playing with words like Marcel Duchamp OICURMT Oh I see you are empty, BCNU Be seeing you, CU See you, ICQ I seek you, YRUL8 Why are you late?, CUL8a See you later, RUTHR Are you there?, We usd 2 go 2 NY CT We used to go to New-York City, U2 You too.

The SMS Please call me = PCM, I’ll be right back = BRB, I’ll be back late = BBL, see you = CU, laugh out loud = LOL, as soon as possible = ASAP, as far as I know = AFAIK…