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Tablets of Chanteroels
Ça ressemble à de l’écriture

It looks like writing

LNA/Culture (February 11th 2006

It’s like ancient writing, it bears its shape, it has its colour, its content even, but… (Transcription of the Chanteroels’ writings by J. Brayes).

Following the decision to build a housing estate, we remember that a mechanical shovel revealed what exegetes thought were tablets of archaic writings. Nowadays, it looks as if though these tablets are a bluff ; this doesn’t help us get to the bottom of the mystery. Impassioned by the discovery of the Chanteroels tablets, James Brayes was known to have been working for several years on a transcription of engraved texts. With one of his friends, who had obtained the Nobel prize of “Pataphysique” – Professor Fostraul – he set up a very elaborate scano-radiography system. The very astonishing result of this technique was called “apographies” (opposite). The notes and manuscripts left by the poet after his recent death (see our article posted on April 1st) shed new light on his work but, at the same time, they perplex the scientists and the intellectuals. Indeed, contrary to every other investigation that has been undergone so far, some footnotes lead to the assumption that the Chanteoels’ writings could be very recent. Meanwhile, the tablets were stocked at the Humanist library of the small city of Sélestat, Alsace, in what used to be the wheat market, and, to the great relief of those who had bought the parcels of the housing estate, the construction site was finally adjourned. Keywords and related articles : The tablets of Chanteroels (annexe) – Apocryphal Manuscript