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Tobo 42 - Le nom est signe ! (Nomen est omen !)

Tobo 42

Literally Speaking (September 2003)

The name is sign! (Nomen est omen!)

If, during the 1970s, the aesthetic of certain tags was used to break free form other taggers, the most important thing today is that it remains a universal mechanism tied to the implemented surpassing of writing and, finally, to the birth of the sign in language. Here is what TOBO-42, also known as Roberto S., an ex-tagger turned director, in the 1980s, of the first logo agency in the world (Graffman), says about it.

My name is Roberto, which became “Tobo”. As I lived on the 42nd avenue, I simply added this number to my pseudonym. This pseudonym isn’t a mask but the heart of my cultural identity. It defines the territory where I live and my ethnic Puerto Rican heritage. We are haunted by our name our whole life! When our name marks the urban territory to the extent of growing into a true icon, then our identity takes the colors of the city and becomes integrated to it… instead of disintegrating into it! In theory, if I draw these letters and these numbers on a piece of paper, here is what they could produce… ( look at the picture)