Press Review

Tablets of Chanteroels
Les tablettes gardent leur secret

The tablets: their well-preserved secret

Libres Nouvelles d’Alsace

Specialists from all over the world are studying the discovery. So far, no one has been able to decipher the inscriptions covering the mysterious tablets. The exegetes are perplexed about the meaning of these signs whose origins are still undateable. Some are led to think that the discovery is clearly linked to other monuments existing in Alsace.

Art and Language
James Brayes and Jacques Dupuy at the old slaughterhouses

James Brayes’s work is known for what it “shows” on writing – what he calls “plastic poetry”. jacques Dupuy spent two months of manual work, ten hours a day, perched on 8-meter high scaffoldings to cover walls, floors and ceilings of the old slaughterhouses with white chalk. The sight is striking when entering the hall. Signs, icons and other emoticons that might have escaped from the memory of giant humanoid computers, create an enchanting and breathtaking sidereal space. “The walls were initially black whispers Dupuy, beaming. I understood right off the bat that this place would give me the opportunity to gather all my past urban experiences of the city nights in a sort of monstrous intimacy, in one single momentum. The sentences, the atmosphere linked to the suffering of the human condition and the idea of the fourteen stations had been haunting me for a long time. So, as soon as I saw the room, the poem of Brayes came to me almost instantly.”